Love Yourself and Be Happy!

About us

From the humble beginning, we are just a small salon shop. After 2 years, we started to specialise in eyelashes and brows. This is the 4th year in our emotional journey, we understand better our destiny to the world.

We always believe that each individual in this world is special and unique, deserving of respect and beauty.  Therefore, we carry out our work with all our heart, love and sincerity. Each guest is a special part of our success. We are nothing without you.

We are extremely grateful for your faith in us from the very first days when we were nothing until today. You are the driving force for us to strive every day.
Ava Lashes & Brows is run by Ava and its talented associates. We come from many parts of the world so you will always come across interesting surprises while experiencing our services.

Afia: She believes that every girl has her own beauty, it is a gift of nature. Her job is to make each guest love themselves, love their special beauty more every day instead of changing it.

Tanya: This sweet girl has a great taste in terms of aesthetics. Amy has always made the girls the best version of themselves. Surely Tanya will never let you down because Amy has 7 years of experience. To Tanya, her life goal is to harness women's special beauty.

Chloe: If you want to understand what a perfectionist is, then Chloe is such a person. She spends hours doing her work meticulously, carefully and without mistakes. Chloe loves challenges, loves doing new and unique things and is also extremely lovable. Chloe will bring you a laughter after a tiring day because of her special personality.

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